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A company's success starts with the leadership style and behavior of the person in charge. Leaders must:

  • Set an example of stellar and consistent behavior.
  • Work to create a strong culture and a safe, stimulating work environment.
  • Compensate employees fairly and encourage a mutual trust.
  • Refuse to tolerate employees who fail to follow their leadership cues.

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  • Customized Coaching Consultation & Action Plan
  • Sales Training & Scripts for Success
  • Profit & Loss Analysis, Menu and Labor Costing
  • Proposal Management for RFPs
  • Mystery Shopping and Competitive Analysis
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JHW Hospitality helps restaurateurs, caterers, and hospitality professionals achieve fulfillment, balance, and financial success.


Our team lends support with advice, objectivity, and proven methods to ensure both qualitative and quantitative excellence.  We create customized action plans based on specific client goals and we help facilitate in a completely confidential manner.  Our efforts are designed to increase your gross revenue and net profit while establishing systems to promote sustained excellence.

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“… Great Business Leaders Are Obsessed with learning details about every aspect of their business. This enables them to go back and forth from the details to the big picture…” Robert Sutton, Stanford University

What Six Key Attributes Do Top Sales Teams Have In Common?

High-performing sales organizations:

  •  employ a more structured sales process
  • hold their team members to a higher level of accountability and are quicker to terminate underperforming salespeople
  •  are not afraid to aggressively raise year-over-year revenue quotas
  • do not shy away from increasing prices nor do they pass on random discounts
  • place great importance on supporting their colleagues
  •  are passionate about great service

-adapted from Harvard Business Report