Interview with Paul Virant

Paul Virant is the award winning chef and owner of Vie in Western Springs, IL and Perennial Virant in Chicago. It was just announced that, by the end of this summer, he plans to expand his culinary empire with the opening of Vistro, a family-friendly restaurant in Hinsdale, IL.


While we salivate in anticipation, enjoy this interview Jon did with Chef Paul. He talks about growing up around food in the Midwest, the challenges of educating customers about foods they may find unfamiliar, and the many demands on a chef/owner's time:


"As a chef and restaurateur, you get to a point where you have to decide 'What's next?' or 'How do I manage my time?' That has been a challenge but I have an incredible crew that allows me to work on a new project and develop [new initiatives]. But at the end of the day, I think the satisfaction of cooking and creating something that is well-received - that's still the ultimate for me so that's something that I just need to incorporate into my time management."


 Listen below (minute 2:03 through 27:20) for the whole interview!


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