Coaching & Consultation

Sometimes it takes an outside set of eyes to see what's really happening in your company.  JHW Hospitality can lend objectivity and help you identify and work through problems.

Scenes from restaurants and catering companies

Following a comprehensive review of your company, the following topics may be customized to focus on the areas of most concern.

  • Company Mission/Foundation/Pillars for Success/Long Term Goals
  • Financial Systems
  • New Business Development and Sales
  • Organizational Chart, Hiring, Training, Employee Retention
  • Kitchen Operations, Costing, and Labor
  • Service Excellence and Event Execution
  • Post Event/Client Retention and Referral System

The possibilities are endless.  For more information or to customize a program for your team, contact us!

Mystery Shopping

Improve Sales & Customer Service

The JHW Hospitality Mystery Shopping Team analyzes your company from the customer’s position and identifies ways to improve your rate of success. You will learn:

  • How useful your website is.
  • How effective you are from the moment your phone rings.
  • How quickly and thoroughly your team generates proposals.
  • How you stack up against your competitors.

Our Mystery Shopping Team includes independent event professionals who have decades of experience as food service providers and clients. Our team members will assess their interactions with your company and prepare evaluations and a comprehensive summary. Based on our Mystery Shopping Team’s findings, we can create an Action Plan guaranteed to improve your sales effectiveness, closing rates, and customer base.


See your company from your client’s point of view.

Beverage Program Management

Managing beverage inventory is essential to any restaurant or caterer’s success. Simple systems that manage ordering, track product, and control loss can determine whether or not your company is profitable. JHW Hospitality partners with an industry leader to help you establish protocols, train staff, and analyze data. A fully-trained consultant will work on-site using proprietary software to perform a detailed audit of your bar. Prime services may include:

  • Setting up a database of products, prices, and recipes.
  • Software to help you take an accurate inventory.
  • Staff training and blind auditing.
  • In-depth analysis of data and clear reporting.

You determine the amount of support you need and we customize a plan to improve efficiency and profitability. Contact us today to discuss how we may help your beverage program.