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Dear Jon Letters






A series for clients and colleagues who are seeking support, asking for advice, and hoping to reignite their passion for hospitality. Recent questions include:

Can you please give me some reasons to help convince my sales team that it is a good idea to start an activity tracking system?


Recently a potential client demanded to see the itemized list of all the equipment we planned to rent for her party. I decided not to send this and she ended up not hiring us. Should I have given her the list as she asked?


We get so many requests for donations. How can I balance my charitable instincts with the realities of running my business?


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Helping Hand Archive



A collection of quick tips and important sensibilities. Read here to refresh your business instincts with ideas like these:

A company's success starts with the leadership style and behavior of the person in charge. Leaders must:

  • Set an example of stellar and consistent behavior.
  • Work to create a strong culture and a safe, stimulating work environment.
  • Compensate employees fairly and encourage a mutual trust.
  • Refuse to tolerate employees who fail to follow their leadership cues.


The Pen Is Sharper Than the Sword...

...And Often Sharper Than the Sales Pitch

Strong writing skills are key to distinguishing one professional from the next. Learn to customize your emails, proposals, and memos. Read your work out loud, get feedback, and you'll win over both clients and colleagues.

- Adapted from Jim Collins' Good To Great and Harvard Business Review


Great Leaders Inspire Rather Than Command

When talking with employees, don't make goals sound like dictates.

Instead, frame them as essential to the employee's success and as opportunities to reach meaningful targets.

- Adapted from Susan Fowler and Harvard Business Review