"...Jon is amazing.  His knowledge of the restaurant industry and suggestions saved me money instantly.  His communications skills helped improve the performance of my employees...."

-Peter Burdi, Owner/Operator

Il Poggiolo and Nabuki Restaurants



"...Jon’s educational sessions are filled with real life examples of customer service solutions that can be taken back to the office and implemented immediately...."

-Eva Niewiadomski, Owner

Catalyst Ranch Chicago



"...Jon Wool was the featured speaker at a gather of business owners and CEOs.  The audience left not only feeling good, but was also reminded to fall back on the lessons of their lifetimes when addressing current problems and issues in their businesses.  His message stuck, and members still talk about his presentation over a year later...."

-Terry Weaver, CEO

Chief Executive Boards International



"...Jon Wool's sales training workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions are imaginative and his scripts are proven performers. He has inspired success for my company throughout the past several years. His lessons would be valuable to all in special events, hotel, or off-premise catering sales...."

-Mary Fabrikant, Chef/Owner

La Vie Catering



"...The financial systems you helped to implement have been invaluable. We finished restructuring our pricing and, as a result, are beating our budgeted margins..."

-Alan Potekin

Chicago Restaurant & Catering Group


"...I have had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Jon Wool speak on two separate occasions. Each time Mr. Wool was very entertaining and conveyed a great message to his audience. His quick wit keeps everyone engaged regardless of the topic. He comes thoroughly prepared and is completely at ease in front of his audience. I have listened to a great number of professional speakers over the years and Jon ranks as one of the best. Can't wait to see what Jon will be talking about next!"

-Tim Gase, President

Peerless Saw Company and

Author of "The Small Business Savings Plan"



"...[Your presentation] was very helpful and, most importantly, filled with practical ideas. You made me look forward to getting right back to work. Thanks for your wisdom and support."

-David Rothstein

David Rothstein Music



"...Jon worked tirelessly to make sure that our sales systems, cost measures, and service program set us up for success from the moment we opened. Our Chef and staff loved him and he took a lot off my plate...."

-Kim DeSimone, Operations Manager

CiNe Restaurant



"...Jon Wool is an engaging speaker.  His in-depth knowledge and humorous anecdotes will draw you in...so much so that time seems to slip away. You'll leave enlightened, invigorated, and prepared to implement his valuable information into practice...."

-Ellen Harte, CPCE, Director

Tasty Catering



"...Jon and I have worked together on dozens of projects including large event productions, coaching and consulting. His keen analytical ability and easy communication style elevate the experiences of clients and fellow caterers…"

–Carolann Randall, Founder

CR Productions, Inc.



"...Your work with our event supervisors and coaching on steps-of-service have made a tremendous difference...The staff have been more confident and the clients have never been so complimentary."

-Alan Potekin

Chicago Restaurant & Catering Group



"...Jon is an insightful, clever, and passionate leader.  He is extremely dedicated, intelligent, and honest.  As a consultant, he is an absolute delight to work with, to learn from, and to be around...."

-Steve Hater, Hater Industries, Director

Goering Center for Family and Private Business, University of Cincinnati



"...I recently had the opportunity to hear Jon Wool speak to a group of my peers, fellow business owners and entrepreneurs during a 2-day business summit. His presentation was extremely funny and engaging. I felt like I was walking along with Jon just listening to him talk about his life and professional experiences. The message for me was 'just go for it - life is short' - you might as well do it with a smile on your face. I would highly recommend Jon to speak in front of your executive management team or sales team, etc. Your team will leave the room entertained, energized, and raring to go...."

-Mike Flynn, Principal

Skills Mastery Group, Inc.



"Jon is all about...the education involved in strengthening the catering industry. Over the years, I have witnessed him go to extraordinary lengths to help and strengthen the work of others...."

-Bill Pannhoff, Owner

B&B Catering, Inc.



"...Jon is an excellent coach and has helped me and the entire Pampered Palate team! He's improved our ability to identify problems and arrive at meaningful solutions. When you invite Jon into your business, be prepared to change, grow, and make money...."

-Laura Duff, Chef and Owner

A Pampered Palate



"...Jon Wool is a personality, a leader in the areas of entrepreneurship and client relationships. Beyond that, Jon is a great speaker. He has the ability to motivate professionals through both insightful stories and vivid portrayals of tough situations - often spiced with a prodigious amount of humor. Together, these traits provide him with a distinct advantage in consulting with key executives, because he knows their world and can vividly demonstrate to them the gaps between where they are and what they could become. This is supplemented by a keen ability in public speaking to hospitality industry players or business groups in a way that causes them to challenge their own mindsets and move in a new direction - all while laughing at the humorous stories that can suddenly catch them off guard and cause them to question why they would allow themselves to stay in their current situation...."

-Dr. Gary Gabel, Ed.D., Co-Founder

Eat to Win, LLC



"...I have had the pleasure of hearing Jon as a featured speaker at a national conference and also as a guest on our radio station.  His presentations are both highly informative and delightfully entertaining and a big hit with our listeners...."

-Bob Ryals, FoodserviceRadio.net



"...Jon is an inspiring and entertaining speaker who shares insights about a variety of topics pertaining to business and entrepreneurship.  As an entrepreneur himself, he is able to share his experiences of starting and growing a business...."

-Jason Jacobsohn, Publisher

Networking Insight



"...Jon is a captivating speaker with a wealth of knowledge about full service catering and restaurant sales. Equally effective is his ability to work one-on-one with business owners to bolster profitability and operational systems. And he's just a really great guy, too. If your company is prepared to scale, a call to Jon Wool is a must...."

-Michael Attias, Founder

Restaurant Catering Systems